Thursday, September 20, 2007

Week Two

...and then there were six. Ooops, missed a week. I could not believe it. We went from 10 to 6 in the matter of seven days. No more bobbin. There goes most of my comic relief. I think my favorite item from this week was how people can show up so incredibly unprepared for a class. We are all adults. This is a class at night. You are paying for it. You are not pulling all-nighters. We were given our class supply list on the first night of class. We not only received it, we went over each item with our instructor. Someone had the nerve to show up this week with absolutely no supplies. Nothing. I thought that she was just lacking her material. Nope. She had nada, niente. She claimed to have lost her list. Umm, you know what class you are taking. You could call the school and ask for the teacher or her e-mail. Really people.

Anyway, this week was all about darts. See above. I sort of screwed up the edge stitching on the curve. What can I say? It was late and the NASCAR machine got away from me.

I have now officially become a kiss-a**. One of the items on our supply list was a pincushion. Preferably a magnetic one. I bought one of those, but I decided that I needed a little je ne sais quoi. I decided to make a wrist pincushion out of some leftover scrap from a men's shirt and some vintage fabric. I wore it and my teacher loved it. I know. Brown noser.

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