Thursday, September 20, 2007

Week Three

Another one bites the dust.....four. Actually, I think that we will really be six, but people were not able to attend last night. I finally figured out that it was not me, it was the machine. Really. I swear. My machine was having an "issue", so I had to switch to another. When I stepped on the pedal I swear I heard a chorus singing. It was so easy,so smooth. Like a fine-tuned Italian sports car. I had no problem controlling it and it never got away from me. It performed the tiniest edge stitch around a curve with no problem. I am just glad I found out this early in my tutelage. As you can see, we made a skirt last night. Our real purpose was to learn how to put in an invisible zipper, but my teacher decided it would be more fun to make a skirt and learn other piecing skills as well. No, you are not seeing things. I put the pin cushion in the photo for scale. That skirt would fit on my arm. We made "mini" skirts.
Funny story of the evening? My teacher was telling me how she was having a bad day. It all started when she got up to get dressed in the morning. That is when it started, but it did not come to fruition until later in the day. She crashed a departmental computer among other things. Anyway, she was up in front of a class and she casually put her hands on her lower back and realized that he had put her hands in pockets. She was wearing a dress that should have a tie in the back and pockets in the front. She had put her dress on backwards and not realized it. She wanted to know why nobody had said anything to her all day. I said that she teaches in a fashion department. Who is going to question your fashion choices? They probably thought she was trying out a new trend.

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