Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I have been reading a lot of hype about “Fur” which is an imaginary biography of Diane Arbus. I stars Nicole Kidman and is set for U.S. release around November 10. Nicole Kidman? I admit that I can be very opinionated, but I try to keep an open mind about things. I must say that I cringed slightly when I heard that Nicole Kidman would be portraying Diane Arbus. It is not that I dislike her or have any doubts about her abilities as a thespian. As far as I am concerned, she pretty much walks on water for being married to you know who for as long as she was. I just didn’t envision her when I think about casting Diane Arbus. I am not sure who I would have chosen, possibly someone along the lines of Lili Taylor? I think I would have gone with someone with just a bit more edge, but what do I know? The casting directors aren’t asking me for my opinions.
When I was in San Francisco a few years back, I saw the Arbus show curated at the SF MoMA. It is still at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis for a few more days. It would be nice if people actually saw the work of Arbus and became familiar with her story before seeing the movie. Hey, I like for people to be well-informed. I am keeping an open mind. I will probably go to the film when it opens, love it and all of this babbling will be for naught.

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hubifrubiend said...

Hey, I saw the Arbus show when it was in SF, too. I liked the opportunity it provided to see what her studio looked like, what books she kept on her shelf, and especially the chance to see the photographs actual size--made you realize the true scale of her images and how many of her images they print in books are details as they always end up cropping the actual image.
So...if the exhibition was here a few years ago...it's definitely time for you to come back!!